American Psychiatrist Prof. Moore received Honorary Doctorate from Üsküdar University

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Üsküdar University gave Professor of American Psychiatrist Dr. Norman Moore an honorary doctorate degree. The ceremony was held in NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital and the Rector of Üsküdar University Prof. Nevzat Tarhan, introduced Prof. Norman Moore to the honorary doctor's title by dressing his robe. Emphasizing the importance of integrated treatment and that the psychiatry should not separate from other fields of medicine, Prof. Norman Moore,” I saw that all the medical branches are merged at NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital. Everything is ready here to produce science. This hospital has taken the lead with its brain based approach in the World and I congratulate you on your success.”

Üsküdar ÜniversitesiÜsküdar University Senate cordially decided to present an Honorary Doctorate title to the famous American Psychiatrist Prof. Norman Moore due to his work in Neuropsychiatric and Electrophysiological studies in Clinical fields, showing his support to Turkish Electrophysiology, delivering his experiences to young colleagues in the best way, in addition to his contributions in the field of literature and executing important representational studies in the international arena.

The ceremony was held in NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital. The opening speeches were made by Üsküdar University Head of Department of Neuroscience and NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital Neurologist Prof. Oğuz Tanrıdağ and he Rector of Üsküdar University Prof. Nevzat Tarhan.

Prof. Nevzat Tarhan: “Prof. Norman Moore has always been a great support in the studies of this field”. 

The Rector of Üsküdar University Prof. Nevzat Tarhan mentioned in his opening speech that Prof. Norman Moore is an important scientist who made a great impact in the developments of Alzheimer and especially electrophysiology and stated that “Starting from the time when information and digital technologies have not yet developed; we have been working on brain analog recordings, extracting mappings and discussing what can be done in the treatment of diseases with psychiatric diagnoses. That's why based on Prof. Kemal Arıkan’s request, we decided to present the honorary doctorate title to him by the senate members' consent.” Professor Dr. Tarhan thanked Dr. Moore’s contribution to the literature and also thanked him for his support for the work done in this area in Turkey.

The Dean of Üsküdar University’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Prof. Mithat Baydur also read the necessity of giving an honorary doctorate title to Prof. Norman Moore.

Üsküdar ÜniversitesiProf. Nevzat Tarhan helped Prof. Moore wear his robe

After the opening speeches, the ceremony started. The Rector of Üsküdar University Prof. Nevzat Tarhan helped East Tennessee State University’s Psychiatry Professor and the Director of Psychiatry Research Director Prof. Norman Moore wear the robe and presented the honorary doctorate.

Prof. Moore: “This hospital is a leader in this field”

The integration in this hospital is very important and the relationships have been adopted from every direction. There is everything here to make science. This hospital has taken the lead in this special issue in the world, I congratulate you on your success.”

Prof. Norman Moore thanked Prof. Nevzat Tarhan and Üsküdar University for his honorary doctoral title. Stating that psychiatry should not be separated from other medical fields, Prof. Norman More referred to the importance of integrated therapy by stating that “I actually meant neurology when I said integrated, but here I saw that all the medical branches are united. When I teach psychiatry students, I try to tell more to those who do not want to be a psychiatrist because I think they will see more psychiatric patients than anyone else.

Prof. Moore indicated that he spent a significant part of his career in studies in the field of electrophysiology, working with neurologists and psychiatrists on Alzheimer and also added that “I've been working with flash-evoked visual potentials and We realized that the flash-induced visual potentials in Alzheimer's patients were delayed and that this bulb was not found in other dementia types.” Prof. Moore mentioned that even clinicians who claim to have the best diagnosis are only 80% accurate in their diagnoses.

Prof. Norman Moore gave a lecture on “Monoclonal Antibody Infusions in Alzheimer’s Disease”.

Who is Prof. Norman Moore?

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Prof. Norman Moore was born on 1st of August 1938. He completed his undergraduate studies in Medicine at Queen's University, Ireland in 1964. He received his Doctor degree in the same university and received training in Psychiatry at the Royal Air Force, London.

Prof. Moore attended the program for Advanced Training in Biomedical Research Management in Harvard School of Public Health. Prof. Moore holds four honors from American Psychiatric Association and Royal College of Psychiatrists. He also received the awards of “Mental
Illness Research”, “Exemplary Psychiatrist”, “Distinguished Researcher of the Year” and “Recognition for Excellence in Medical Student Education”. Prof. Norman has taken part in the management of several professional associations.

He was the scientific advisor for “Numology” and “Neuronetrix” biotechnical companies. He was the Chief Editor of Clinical EEG and Neuroscience, and served as a member of the editorial boards of “Journal of Primary Care Psychiatry”, “Clinical EEG and Neuroscience” and “International Journal of Neural Systems”. Prof. Moore who has written about 98 articles so far, is currently Professor and Director of Research in the Department of Psychiatry at East Tennessee State University in America.

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